A leader in the detention and security industry

Cornerstone is the leading detention and security contractor, manufacturer, and supplier in the world. Our scope includes construction, maintenance and repair, security electronic integration, and jail and prison supplies.

We are innovative.

We invest in R&D to bring new products to market
Patented Surface mounted lock for renovations | A complete prefab cell design | Electronics

We are very persistent in our pursuit of quality, speed, and costs.

We know how important Lifecycle cost and life safety are!

No job or budget is too small.

Our services are scalable. A small job deserves the same amount of attention to detail as the larger jobs. No project is too big or too small to Cornerstone.

We manufacture the widest range of security products you need.

Cornerstone is committed to being a world-class manufacturer with a focus on quality control and producing products that meet industry specifications.

We are accessible & we are local.

Cornerstone is national company that is committed to providing regional offices to assist you with all of your local security needs.

We are focused on providing ongoing services and products that extend the life cycle of your facility.

We have a record of excellence.