Modular Solutions

Cornerstone builds custom, quality precast cells that enable fast construction on large-scale projects.

As a specialty contractor and manufacturer of prefinished concrete products, Cornerstone builds precast cells that are customized to your specifications and requirements. Our unique building method, onsite setup, and production-line assembly all significantly expedite construction on large-scale projects.

Cornerstone has recently acquired RW Modular, LLC
RW Modular, LLC is now part of Cornerstone’s modular division, an acquisition that brought the entire RW team, from the executive level through all aspects of production and field operations. This team has established its experience and reputation on projects throughout the U.S. and internationally over more than 20 years.

Modular Advantages

Onsite manufacturing and finishing improve communication, coordination, efficiency, project schedule, sustainability, and customization while decreasing potential damage in transit.
Strong & Durable:
Monolithically poured modules are fire resistant and noncombustible and ideal for areas that are at high risk for seismic activity and harsh weather conditions.
Local production versus long-haul transportation decreases environmental impacts and fuel consumption, while the use of precast and recycled materials reduces raw materials consumption.

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Modular Division