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Portfolio: Service & Supply

State of Arizona

Project at a Glance

Full service maintenance and upgrades contracts.

  • Facilities
    ASPC Douglas
    ASPC Eyman
    ASPC Florence
    ASPC Lewis
    ASPC Perryville
    ASPC Safford & Safford Ft. Grant
    ASPC Tucson
    ASPC Winslow
    ASPC Yuma
  • Location:
    State of Arizona
  • Category:
    Combo: Construction/Electronics

By the Numbers

Held contract: Since 1989

(in some form)

Contract Renewed: 2014

(Current Contract)

Annual Contract: $1.8 Million +

Project Description

Provide full service 24/7/365 maintenance, repair and upgrades for perimeter security systems and supporting security electronic systems.

Senstar perimeter system, Southwest Microwave perimeter systems, Honeywell Vindicator alarm reporting systems, CCTV, PLC, Touchscreen Door Control, Intercoms.