Project at a Glance

Facility Name:
Mule Creek State Prison
Ione, CA
Jeff Goodale / HOK

(in some form)

General Contractor:
Sean Carolan / Hensel Phelps
Date of Completion:
February 2016

By the Numbers


550,000 SF



Contract Value:

$11 Million +

Project Description

Cornerstone, Inc. assisted with the construction of two new housing facilities at Mule Creek State Prison. In addition to increasing bed space, the facilities also feature expanded areas for rehabilitative programming as well as medical and mental health care.

The 60-acre, self-contained facilities were built next to the original prison, which first opened in June 1987. The new medium security structures, Facility D and Facility E, can together house a total of 1,584 inmates. The new facilities also include 94,000 square feet of space for rehabilitation classes, family visits, and offices for teachers, counselors and other support staff, as well as support for medical and mental health needs. Some renovations were also made to existing facilities such as the central kitchen, warehouse and radio tower, as well as to parking areas, to accommodate a larger population and staff.

In addition, the facilities are designed to achieve LEED Silver certification. Various environmentally friendly features of the new facilities include low-flow water fixtures, high efficient lighting and low-emission construction materials.

Cornerstone, Inc. provided design assistance, value engineering, and the purchasing and installation of detention equipment to include security hollow metal doors/ frames, detention furniture, security ceiling, security hardware and security glazing.