Project at a Glance

Facility Name:
Wake County Detention Center
Raleigh, NC
Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
HDR Architect

(in some form)

Date of Completion:
February 2013

By the Numbers


532,147 SF



Contract Value:

$151 Million

Project Description

Norment Security Group, Inc. was awarded an $7.7M contract to furnish and install the detention equipment and security electronics at the Wake County Detention Center in Raleigh, NC. This is a state of the art facility that was designed to offer a better flow of inmate processing and at the same time saving the taxpayers money. This expansion was funded in part by a $3 million grant offered through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for energy saving projects. This Leed-Certified expansion is housed in 532,147 SF and added 50 percent more beds to a total of 1,984 beds.

Norment Security Group , Inc. provided a security package that included furnishing and installing security hollow metal and mesh, security glass and detention furnishings as well as Airteq pneumatic locking systems and sliding devices.

Norment’s Trentech Division engineered, programmed, and installed the electronic security controls in the facility. The integrated systems consisted of touchscreen computer stations, PLC locking door controls, CCTV, intercom, paging, card access, UPS power systems, and a video visitation system. The electronic portion included upgrading the existing building along with new construction. The existing and new electronics have been integrated into one cohesive system.