Project at a Glance

Facility Name:
Washington State Prison
Walla Walla, WA
HDR Architect

(in some form)

Date of Completion:
September 2007

By the Numbers



Contract Value:

$5.2 Million

Project Description

24 Touch Screen Work Stations which monitor and control 2.062 doors and alarming devices; IP based CCTV system consisting of more than 540 CCTV cameras and associated work stations; Microprocessor based Intercom System consisting of 1,452 Intercom Stations; Card Access System for employee verification located at 35 points on the facility grounds; CATV System consisting of 784 Outlets and 705 Head Phones; Taut Wire Perimeter Protection System protecting a perimeter fence line of approximately 5,000’; Sensor Coil Perimeter Protection System consisting of 5 interior fence lines.